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Division of Motor Vehicles

Drivers License/Identification Cards

Requirements For First-Time Drivers License Applicants Over Age 18

Temporary Instruction Permit (Learner's Permit)

The purpose of the learner's permit is to enable you to drive the class of motor vehicle for which you want a driver's license. Before a learner's permit will be issued, you must pass an eye screen and written test. After you pass these tests and pay the required fee, a learner's permit is issued. While you are learning to drive you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is qualified to drive the class of vehicle in which you are training, and they must be at least 21 years of age.

To obtain your license, you must take a road test at the same location that issued the permit but not until 10 days after the permit was issued. If you do not pass the road test within the 6 month period, you are permitted one extension of the learner's permit for an additional 6 months, provided application is made and a second fee of $5.00 is paid before the original permit expiration date, otherwise your fee is forfeited.

Sample of Forms: