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Division of Motor Vehicles

Drivers License/Identification Cards

Rules Of The Road Test

You will be asked to answer a series of questions on Delaware’s rules of the road, motor vehicle laws and safety practices. For example, you might be asked what the speed limit is for automobiles on two-lane roads; what actions are taken when you see a flashing red signal ahead, or under what conditions you should not pass another vehicle. You might also be asked what you should do if your vehicle starts to skid, or how far away from a fire hydrant you may legally park.

If you have a disability and need special accommodation in order to take an exam, please call and make an appointment prior to coming to the a DMV site: in Delaware City call 302-326-5000; in Wilmington call 302-434-3200; in Dover call 302-744-2500; in Georgetown call 302-853-1000.

Road Test (Requirements: English  |   Spanish)

You are eligible to take a Class D or motorcycle road test 10 days after you pass the knowledge exam. Road exams are given on every weekday, except Wednesday. DMV offers 2 easy and convenient options for you to schedule your road test when you feel you are ready. You may use DMV's online My Road Test scheduler or call your local DMV office to speak with a DMV associate.

**Please note, if you have a CDL exam at our Wilmington facility and your vehicle is over 67 feet, you must reschedule for another location. Wilmington's test pad cannot accommodate.

1. Visit the DMV website at

  1. Select "Online Services"
  2. Select "My Road Test" and follow the online instructions

2. Call a DMV office of your choosing:

  1. Delaware City....302-832-5176
  2. Dover............302-744-2515
  3. Georgetown.......302-853-1003
  4. Wilmington.......302-434-3220
  5. Select "My Road Test" and follow the online instructions

Upon arriving for your ROAD TEST you must have the following in your possession:

  • Valid learner's permit
  • Valid driver license of the accompanying driver who is at least 21 years of age (excludes motorcycle skills test holders)
  • Valid registration card for the vehicle you will be using (and trailer if applicable)
  • Valid insurance card (original or electronic) for the vehicle you will be using

You will be required to drive for approximately 30 minutes and do such things as are usual in normal driving. You will not be asked to do anything that is contrary to the motor vehicle laws or safe driving practices. No tricks will be played on you. Instead, you will be asked to show that you know how to do such things as the following:

  • Respond to road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings
  • Parallel parking
  • Three point turn
  • Make right and left turns
  • Change lanes
  • Use right-of-way rules
  • Maintain proper speed
  • Back 50 feet
  • Merge with traffic
  • Follow and overtake vehicles
  • Enter intersections
  • Be overtaken
  • Inspect vehicle for safety
  • Know vehicle controls

Road Test Locations

Wilmington DMV Delaware City DMV Dover DMV Georgetown DMV
2230 Hessler Boulevard
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 434-3220
2101 Mid County Drive
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 832-5176
303 Transportation Circle
P.O. Box 698
Dover, DE 19903
(302) 744-2515
23737 DuPont Blvd.
Georgetown, DE 19947
(302) 853-1003

Vehicles Utilized in Road Exams

It is your responsibility to provide the motor vehicle to be driven in your road exam. All vehicles must be free of debris or not contain any cargo. Ensure the vehicle has at least a half tank of gas or the exam may be rescheduled. If a CDL exam, the diesel exhaust fluid (if applicable) must have an eighth of a tank/indicator at an acceptable level or the exam will be rescheduled.

You will be required to show proof of liability insurance and valid registration. The vehicle must be within the license class for which you have applied. The examiner will conduct a basic vehicle safety inspection before the road test begins.

You must refrain from smoking during the exam. No cell phone use or playing of music is permitted during the road test. Drivers are not authorized to utilize Intelligent Parking Assist Technology during the course of any driving skills or road exam. A vehicle equipped with such features must have them turned off or disabled during the course of the exam.

When You Must Be Accompanied By a Licensed Driver

Unless you already have a legal right to drive in Delaware, you must come to the road exam accompanied by a licensed driver over 21 years of age, as described for the learner's permit. A licensed driver MUST remain on site to drive the vehicle away is case the applicant is unsuccessful in passing the exam.

Preparation For The Driver Examination

One of the purposes of the Class D Driver's Manual will help you prepare to take the driver examination. You should study this manual carefully. Anything which is not perfectly clear, whether contained in this manual or not, should be discussed with the driver license examiner prior to your examination.

If you plan to apply for a license class other than Class D driver license, or for the motorcycle endorsement, or commercial driver license, you will also need to study separate manuals which are available at the offices of the Division of Motor Vehicles (see back cover for locations where you may pick up these manuals) or visit the DMV website at

If you fail any part of the road exam, you should prepare yourself thoroughly to take it again at a later date. You must wait at least ten days before taking the exam or exams again.