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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services Titling

The Transfer of a Delaware Title Between Delaware Residents

Step 1:

  • For two Delaware residents to transfer a vehicle that is titled in Delaware, the seller must complete the Assignment of Certificate of Title section on the back of the title (Section 1). Be sure to include the buyer's name and address, date of sale, purchase price, and Odometer Disclosure
  • All sellers are required to sign the title and print their name(s) in the appropriate blocks if ownership is indicated as "AND" on the front of the title. If ownership is indicated as "AND/OR" only one owner is required to complete the seller's section (Section 1)
  • The buyer(s) are also required to sign this section and print their names

Step 2:

  • The seller must complete the back of the registration card or the Seller's Report of Sale and forward it to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Include the buyer's name and address, date and hour of the sale and the seller's signature. Seller's Report of Sale is located at the bottom of the new Delaware title
  • The buyers must complete the Purchaser's Application (Section 4) on the back of the title exactly as they want the information to appear on the title. All applicants must provide their driver's license number and date of birth
  • All buyers must sign this application. If the vehicle is financed, the buyers must also complete the Lien Section on the back of the title (Section 3)
  • Delaware titles do not require notary
  • Delaware requires the buyer to provide proof of Liability Insurance a Delaware Driver's License or two accepted proofs of residency when applying for title. DMV recommends that all parties appear at our office to complete the transfer
  • The vehicle may not be operated until a new title is issued in the buyer's name. Failure to transfer a title within 30 days of purchase will result in a late fee

Step 3:

  • Fees for titling most passenger vehicles weighing five thousand pounds (5,000 lbs.) or less are: () for a title without a lien or () for a title with a lien; Plus
  • A () document fee based on the sale price or current NADA  average trade-in value of the vehicle, whichever is higher; Plus
  • The N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide for older models is only to be used in the following instances:
    • If a vehicle, which has been titled in another state, is being titled in Delaware and there has been no sales tax or similar titling tax paid on the vehicle in the other state within the last 90 days, use the current N.A.D.A Official Used Car Guide OR the N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide for OLDER Vehicles (whichever guide the vehicle is listed in) to determine the current average trade in value and assess the vehicle document fee.
    • If a Delaware title is being presented for transfer and the applicant has no Bill of Sale or the reverse side of the Delaware title does not indicate the purchase price, the document fee is to be based on the current average trade-in value as listed in the current N.A.D.A Guide.
    • However, the owner may elect to obtain an appraisal from a licensed Delaware dealer, and such appraisal may also be considered in determining the vehicle document fee.
  • Passenger vehicle registrations of () per year
  • Trailer and commercial vehicle registration fees are based on weight

Please refer to Registration Fee