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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services Titling

Procedures for Delaware Residents for Antique Vehicles

Antique Vehicle, Law and Division Procedures

(a) Upon application, the Department may furnish to the owner of a registered antique motor vehicle a special antique motor vehicle plate to be displayed on such antique motor vehicle. This special plate shall be issued in addition to the plate already issued for such vehicle under this chapter.

(b) The term "antique motor vehicle" includes every automobile, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle, but not a reproduction thereof, manufactured more than 25 years prior to the current year, which has been maintained in or restored to a condition, which is substantially in conformity with manufacturer's specifications. A vehicle, which has undergone substantial alterations from its original specifications and appearance, or has had its horsepower or dimensions changed, shall not be eligible for an antique license plate pursuant to this section.

(c) Any antique motor vehicle, registered pursuant to this section, shall be used only for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and similar uses, but in no event shall it be used for general transportation.

(d) Such special antique motor vehicle license plate shall be issued for a fee of $25.00 and shall be valid without further payment of a renewal fee as long as the vehicle is in existence and is owned by the same person. This fee shall be in addition to the vehicle document fee, title fee or other fees required by this title.

(e) In the event of a transfer of ownership of an antique motor vehicle registered with a special plate pursuant to this section, the transferor shall surrender the special plate to the Department.

21 Del.C. §2198. Inspection

(a) A motor vehicle registered as an antique motor vehicle shall be exempt from annual inspection. A motor vehicle must pass an initial inspection prior to the motor vehicle being registered as an antique motor vehicle. Motor vehicles registered, as antique motor vehicles shall be provided Exempt validating stickers in lieu of the usual expiration date stickers, upon passing the initial inspection.

DMV Procedure

  • Certificate of Title must be presented upon application for Antique status to be issued
  • Vehicle must be 25 model years or older. There are no weight restrictions
  • Vehicle must pass DMV inspection within 90 days of the initial application for Antique status regardless of time remaining on current registration. The vehicle owner must notify the inspection lane technician that they wish to antique the vehicle.
  • Delaware titled vehicles with Antique status are exempt from further inspection
  • In the event the vehicle is transferred, the Antique Status expires and the new owner must reapply by paying the appropriate fees and passing DMV inspection before the vehicle can gain antique status.
  • Applicant will pay $25.00 for Antique Status
  • Applicant will pay a $35.00 or $55.00 (with lien) title fee
  • No registration fee will be assessed.
  • A number license plate will be assigned to the vehicle in accordance with weight restrictions outline in Title 21 (RV, C, PC, CL, MC or Pleasure). This plate will be displayed on the rear of the vehicle
  • Trailers are not eligible for Antique status
  • The vehicle registration expiration period will be that given at the time of titling, Example: Vehicle titled on 9/4/2023 the registration will expire 9/4/2025
  • The vehicle owner will receive an Exempt Sticker for whatever year their registration expires, with above example the owner will be given Exempt 2025
  • The registration period will not exceed two years from the date of titling
  • The applicant will be given one Antique License Plate to be displayed on the front of the vehicle
  • Duplicate Antique License Plates are $5.00
  • Registration Renewal Notifications will be sent out to Antique Vehicle owners notifying them to renew their registration. The Registration Renewal Notification can also be sent to the Antique Vehicle owner via e-mail. To elect to receive the renewal notice via e-mail . The registration will be renewed for whatever expiration period we are issuing at the time of request. The renewal will not exceed two years. An exempt sticker will be given to the vehicle owner in lieu of the regular sticker with the year matching the year of expiration
  • There is no late fee for late renewals