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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services Titling

Procedures for Processing a Duplicate Title

To obtain a duplicate title you must complete a MV213 Form. Follow the items listed below:

  1. MV213 must be completed, please include the tag number and expiration of tag.
  2. All owners must sign MV213 and provide their drivers license number(s). A copy of the owner's drivers license or other identification showing the owner's signature must be supplied when the title is processed in the mail by an individual other than a lienholder or dealer.
  3. Signature of Owner can be signed by a Power of Attorney. An original Notarized Power of Attorney must accompany the MV213. The Power of Attorney must sign owner's name in addition to his/her own.
  4. If the owner has signed this form and is appointing you to process the request on his or her behalf you must sign your name and provide your drivers license number on the space provided.
  5. If there is a lien, the lienholder must complete one of the sections at the bottom of the MV213.
  6. A fee of must accompany the Application for Duplicate Title.
  7. A new lien cannot be placed on the title at the same time the duplicate title is issued. The lien is placed as a supplementary title after the issuance of the duplicate title.
  8. Odometer Disclosure must be completed.
  9. NOTE- Please send a self-addressed envelope.

Obtain a copy of form MV213. Review a sample of a completed duplicate title application.