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Division of Motor Vehicles

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Motorized Skateboards or Scooters

"Motorized skateboard or scooter" as defined by Delaware law means any device that is designed to travel on at least two wheels with the deck or chassis open and close to the ground, that has handlebars or a hand-controlled throttle or brake, that is designed to be stood or sat upon by the operator, and that is powered by a motor that is capable,of propelling the device without human propulsion. "Motorized skateboard or scooter"; shall not include any automobile or device that is included within the definitions of "moped", "motorcycle", "off-highway vehicle (OHV)", any type of "tractor","triped", "motorized wheelchair", or "electric personal assistive mobility device".

Persons found to be in violation of this law shall be subject to fines, penalties and forfeiture of the motorized skateboard or scooter as noted in Title 21, Sections 101(33) and 4198N.

  • Motorized skateboards or scooters cannot be titled, and they cannot be registered in the State of Delaware.
  • Motorized skateboards or scooters shall not be operated upon public highways, streets, sidewalks or rights-of-way located within this State.
  • A motorized skateboard or scooter may be pushed across or along public highways or streets provided the skateboard or scooter is in neutral or the power train has been disengaged.
  • Any person or business selling a new motorized skateboard, or scooter must obtain a signed, witnessed statement from the purchaser stating that the purchaser is aware that motorized scooters cannot be operated on Delaware public highways or sidewalks.
  • Operation of a motorized skateboard or scooter is prohibited while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A person shall not operate a motorized skateboard or scooter to cause damage to property or another person or in a manner to endanger, disturb or annoy another person. Parents or legal guardian of minors are personally liable for damage caused by the minor in operation of the motorized skateboard or scooter.
  • A person less than 16 years of age may not operate, ride upon, or ride as a passenger on any motorized skateboard or scooter unless wearing a bicycle-type helmet.
  • A person less than 12 years of age may operate a motorized skateboard or scooter only if:
    • The person is under the direct supervision of a person who is at least 18 years old; or
    • The person is on land owned by or under the control of the person's parent or legal guardian.