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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services License Plates/Tags

Vanity Plates

The Division sells vanity license plates for vehicle owners wishing to display these tags on their vehicles. The fee for a vanity license plate is per year in addition to the normal annual registration fee for the vehicle. The plates may be ordered at any Division facility. Use the Vanity Plate Search to check the availability of a plate online.

The issuance of vanity plates is subject to the following rules. The Division has final approval on any vanity plate issued, and any plate considered vulgar or offensive in nature will be denied or recalled if issued in error.

  • Vanity plates may display a single letter, a combination of letters, or combination of letters and numerals not to exceed seven (7) in length. Motorcycle vanity plates are restricted to five (5) in length.
  • If the plate includes numerals, the numerals shall be displayed to the right of all letters.
  • No vanity plate with all numerals is authorized.
  • Hyphens, ampersands, and spaces are permitted and will count as one letter. No other punctuation marks are allowed.
  • If DMV determines the vanity in any way to be insensitive, offensive, or obscene it will be denied and not processed.

The Division cannot approve any vanity plate that may conflict with any existing license plate. The following is a brief, but not all-encompassing, list of vanity plate restrictions. The large number of organizational and special license plates issued by the Division prohibits the publishing of an all-encompassing list of restrictions. Due to conflicting possibilities with existing regular license plates, the following combinations shall not be issued:

  • The prefixes "A, C, CL, CT, CY, D, DL, DX, F, FV, FD, FT, I, LX, MC, MH, MP, OH, PC, PT, R, RV, RT, S, SR, T, TV, TX, U" followed by any numerals.
  • Any of the specialty plate prefixes followed by any numerals.
  • The letter "I" or the letter "O" immediately followed by a numeral.
  • Any combination that consists solely of letters "I" and "O", and numerals "1" and "0".