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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vanity Plate Search and Reservation

The Division is in the process of updating its vanity plate search and reservation application. In anticipation of its implementation, temporarily, all vanity requests must be conducted in person at one of the four DMV locations. You will be required to complete the Vanity Reservation Form, found here. Mail-ins or emailed forms will not be accepted.


Quick Guidelines

  • Vanity plates may display a single letter, a combination of letters, or combination of letters and numerals not to exceed seven (7) in length. Motorcycle vanity plates are restricted to five (5) in length.
  • If the plate includes numerals, the numerals shall be displayed to the right of all letters. No vanity plate with all numerals is authorized.
  • Hyphens, ampersands, and spaces are permitted and will count as one letter. No other punctuation marks are allowed. The issuance of vanity plates is subject to the following rules.
  • Any request that contains obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, hate speech, or fighting words will be denied.

Please review all the vanity plate guidelines