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Division of Motor Vehicles

Driving Courses

Aggressive Driving Courses

The intent of Delaware's aggressive driving law is to identify aggressive drivers and change their high-risk driving habits by requiring their attendance in a specific training program. The ultimate goal is crash prevention. Aggressive driving is defined in terms of existing Title 21 offenses such as failure to yield, unsafe lane change, disregard of a traffic control device, failure to stop at the command of a police officer, following too closely, passing on a shoulder, and speeding. Individuals convicted of 3 or more of these offenses as a result of continuous conduct are guilty of aggressive driving and are subject to increased penalties. Offenders are required to complete a behavioral modification/attitudinal-driving course within 90 days after the conviction for aggressive driving. Failure to attend the course may result in suspension of the individuals driving privilege.

For further information regarding Aggressive Driving, please contact the Suspension Section at 302.744.2509.

Approved Behavioral Modification/Attitudinal-Driving Courses

NOTE: Course providers are approved but not associated with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The Secretary of Transportation has approved the following agencies to provide the behavioral modification/attitudinal-driving course. The course is a minimum of 8 hours long and is offered in all three counties. The fee for the course is $100.00 and is payable to the course provider. When you complete the behavior modification course, the provider will send the notification of completion electronically to DMV within 48 hours.

Classroom Courses

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Online Courses

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Delaware's Law Enforcement Agencies will be out in force to stop and ticket those individuals who carelessly endanger our lives each and every day.

You can assist us by:

- Remaining Calm
- Not Taking Traffic Problems Personally
- Avoiding Eye Contact with Aggressive Drivers
- Not Challenging Them
- Staying Away from Erratic Drivers

Additionally, you can help make Delaware's roadways safer by reporting Aggressive Driving with your cellular phone. Get their tag number and report it.

CALL 911