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Next of Kin/Emergency Contact FAQ's

Q. What is this service and how is the information used?

It allows those with a Delaware driver license or state issued identification card to submit two emergency contacts to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), to be used by emergency personnel in the event they are seriously injured or killed in an automobile crash. If the individual is involved in an emergency situation or is otherwise unable to communicate, emergency personnel will use the information to notify these emergency contacts.

Q. How do I sign up for the Next of Kin service?

Emergency contact information may be submitted online or on the Next of Kin/Emergency Contact form, either through the mail or any DMV branch. If you choose to mail the form, please send to: Division of Motor Vehicles, ATTN: Help Desk, P.O. Box 698, Dover, DE 19903. You will need to submit specific identifiers for yourself so the information is accurately recorded. This includes your Delaware Driver license or ID number.

Q. I am under the age of 18, can I sign up for the Next of Kin program?

Yes, if you choose to participate and you are under the age of 18, your primary emergency contact should be a parent or guardian. The second emergency contact can be someone other than a parent or guardian.

Q. Once I have entered emergency contact information, can I change it?

Yes, you may change your next of kin information on the DMV web site or re-submit the Next of Kin/Emergency Contact form.

Q. Who is responsible for updating my emergency contact information? For example: what if my father's phone number has changed?

You are responsible for any updates to the next of kin information. The DMV cannot be responsible for any changes to emergency contact information. Please update the information online or resubmit the Next of Kin/Emergency Contact form.

Q. How will the emergency contacts know I have submitted their information?

You should have concurrence from your next of kin before adding their emergency contact information. The DMV is not liable in any way for the information provided by an individual for the Next of Kin program.

Q. How do I remove Next of Kin information entirely?

To remove the contact information, you may do so online by clearing out the contact's information to be deleted and submitting the form.

Q. Who has access to my emergency contact information?

Only authorized law enforcement and DMV personnel have access to this information. Emergency contact information may be shared with emergency personnel to contact your next of kin if you are unable to communicate due to an accident or emergency.

Q. I do not have a valid Delaware driver license or identification card, may I sign up for this program?

No. You must have a valid driver license or identification card from the state of Delaware to use this service.

Q. Is the emergency contact information public record to be made available upon request?

No, this information cannot be provided as part of a public record.

Q. Can my next of kin information be sold to a company, such as a marketing or insurance company?

No, your emergency contact information will only be shared with emergency personnel in the event of an emergency.

Q. Who can I call if I have more questions about the Next of Kin program?

You may call us at 877-477-7117.