Stories From The Road
Virginia R., Bear

"We have been touched by the results of drinking and driving. My oldest stepson and his best friend were killed in 1986 due to their drinking. My stepson was driving and his alcohol levels were way over the legal limit. A brother-in-law of ours, who was Chief of Police in Gibbstown, NJ at the time, commented he didn't know how Billy was even able to get behind the wheel. Though this happened just over the bridge in NJ they were rushed to CCHS where they both died. A parent's worse nightmare; the call in the middle of the night. To this day the lifeless look in Billy's eyes still haunts me. He was 19 years old. While teens today see the accident films in high school like we do and adults know the dangers of drinking and driving, nothing hits home more than the reality of viewing a loved one's body before the coroner has seen it and as it has been brought in. We still feel the sadness every Christmas when we put flowers on Billy's grave. It is a heartbreak that never goes away."

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