Stories From The Road
Faith, Age 17

"My story begins just as I was heading to work. It was about eleven thirty in the morning and I knew I was running late to get to work. I was heading out of my apartment parking lot in my sister's 1996 Nissan Maxima. Now upon leaving the parking lot, I looked both ways quickly. I only worked a couple blocks away, so I have become accustomed to this exit in the parking lot where I would have to cross one lane to get to the opposite lane. Now looking right, towards an intersection to make sure no cars would not be turning down this road, I pull out the car to go left. A white pick up was heading up the street, and I looked to the left as I began to cross the road, I see the white pick up, and he swerves trying to avoid to hit me. I slammed the brake on and as I saw him about to pass, in panic, I took my foot off the brake and hit the gas. That is when I hit him on his truck's right side. I felt so stupid about what I did. The whole disaster was my fault. Needless to say the truck was left with a damaged fender and passenger door, while my sister's car's left headlight was pushed in and the trunk was slightly raised. My sister was not happy. I had to go to court where I pleaded guilty, and I knew there were consequences. My insurance was raised from a nice seventy dollars to a hundred thirty. It took me a while to use that same exit, I was using a different one, but a month or so after the accident I began to use it again. Needless to say I look left, right, left, right, left, right, before I pull out. I do not want to go through that whole experience again. The accident occurred a little time after I was off my second six months and my license became a Drivers License not a permit. I feel every teenage driver needs not to get too comfortable while driving, and think they know it all while in the Driver's seat, because the fact is, they don't. And one day they could get hurt or hurt an innocent person with their vehicle because of such thinking. I know I have learned my lesson but I know I still have things to learn and work on as I get older and driving is always a learning experience."

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