Stories From The Road
Becky, Age 15

"It was a hot sunny day in June; I remember it like it was yesterday. I was with my friend who was older. We spent the afternoon cruising around in my friend's black Honda civic. We came to a stop at a light; next to us was another teenager in a brand new mustang. He kept looking over and was teasing his engine. I'm not sure what was going through her head, but when the light turned green, my friend sped off like a bolt of lightning. As our speed increased, I felt my muscles cringe in fear. At that instant I should have spoken up. We reached a dangerous speed; practically racing down a four lane highway. Being her passenger, I just figured she was responsible enough to drive me around. She failed to realize her actions became dangerous as we approached a right turn. The young man made it around the bend safe and sound. Instead of going around the corner, her car couldn't handle it. Her tire went up on the median forcing her car to go out of control. Almost instantly, we headed towards a car stopped at a red light, in the opposite traffic lane. As we approached the vehicle so many thoughts were going through my head. "Am I going to die?" I asked myself. We crashed almost head on into a car full of people. BOOM! The air bags went off, knocking out the windshield. Speed was so intense after striking the vehicle, the car bounced in a backward motion. Luckily I fastened my seat belt and it saved my life that day. I could have been ejected out of the vehicle or suffered from horrible injuries. Instead no one was seriously hurt. We all walked away with few minor injuries. I was relieved we were all going to be okay. After this accident, I haven't hung out with this girl. She put both of our lives in danger. So next time think twice; trust your driver, wear your seatbelt and be safe."

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