The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for a variety of services to the general public. The division is spread across the state in four separate facilities with a facility residing in both Kent and Sussex Counties and two facilities in New Castle County. The division is responsible for collecting over $417 million in revenues annually for the Transportation Trust Fund. This revenue is generated by the hard work and dedication of approximately 500 full-time and part-time employees and an operating budget of $35 million.

The division monitors and processes over 850,000 registered vehicles and over 650,000 licensed drivers.

The four main areas of responsibility of the DMV include Vehicle Services, Driver Services, Transportation Services and Toll Services.

Vehicle Services
The vehicle services' responsibilities include vehicle inspection, uninsured motorist audits, data management and registering and titling vehicles. The division also offers various specialty and vanity license plates. This website contains additional information on these services as well as handicap placards and special vehicles such as scooters, mopeds and off highway vehicles.

The vehicle services section of DMV also serves the automobile and truck dealers by licensing dealers and processing dealer title work. Division investigators assist with dealer licensing and ensure dealers follow all Delaware laws. The website allows dealers to download our dealership manual and other valuable dealer-related information.

Vehicle titling is an important service offered by the division. These services include general titling transactions as well as vehicles purchased from out of state, mobile homes, salvage vehicles, lemon law information, antique vehicles and details of the fees associated with these transactions. The uninsured motorist section works to ensure all Delaware drivers have vehicle insurance as required by the law. Information in reference to all these services is available through this website.

Driver Services
The driver services' responsibilities include educating, testing, licensing, monitoring and improving Delaware's licensed drivers. The division applies the graduated driver licensing laws for those drivers under the age of 18 years as well as applying the federal requirements for our Delaware Commercial Driver License (CDL) endorsement holders. The division's suspension and revocation sections handle drivers whose licenses are suspended or revoked for various violations of Delaware law.

The division provides official identification cards to Delaware citizens, supports the State's Organ Donor Program, assists voter registration through the motor voter program and much, much more. Details of all these services can be found on this website.

Transportation Services
Transportation Services' responsibilities include the licensing and taxing of Delaware's motor fuel/special fuel dealers, monitoring of the State's retail fuel stations, issuing of oversize/overweight vehicle permits and licensing and enforcement of public carrier rules and regulations. The division also participates in the International Fuel Tax Agreement and International Registration Plan to support the State's trucking industry.

Toll Services
The DMV/Toll Operation is responsible for the safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive network of Toll plazas that offers a variety of convenient, cost-effective options for processing all vehicular traffic. These plazas are located on I-95 south of the Route 896 interchange, which will soon include two highway speed lanes in each direction and will alleviate a long standing problem of traffic delays. The other plazas are on State Route 1 located south of the Senator William Roth bridge and in Dover adjacent to the Dover Downs and Dover International Speedway.